In regards to being muted

Hey everyone, I just wanted to make a public statement about the “being muted” situation since it wasn’t really clear before.

Two players were arguing in-game about something and I tried to put an end to it while I was on Regicidal. One player was being very argumentative and trolling everyone in the area and when I tried to tell them to please stop, they said “shut up regicidal”, “you’re not a j-mod” which is where the “report evidence” starts. Where the evidence ended, I actually logged off of Regicidal and went on to my Mod Lee account to avoid confusion where I then continued to handle the situation.

The actual mute that was given is completely accurate. An account that isn’t a J-mod account shouldn’t be saying that it is one (for the games safety) even though it’s a J-mods personal account and is known to the majority of the public. That is completely my fault. I know the rules, I was just trying to put an end to a situation.

In no way was I trying to say that “the report was wrong”, “Jagex is wrong” or that this situation is ridiculous. The report was correct, I just found the situation really funny so I decided to share the pictures. “Regicidal gets muted for impersonating himself” was just something that made me laugh.

Some people on Reddit were saying “Lee will get fired for this”. This isn’t going to get me fired, I didn’t do anything wrong except for the fact that I said I was a J-mod on a non J-mod account. I don’t solve my problems or handle situations in-game by muting the player (unless it’s an extreme situation) or ignoring the player. I try to talk it out with them because we’re all people and we can talk things out given the chance. It just so happened that when I said that I was Mod Lee, people around me didn’t know that (which is completely understandable, I don’t expect to be known by players let alone every player) and I was reported accordingly.

Just wanted to explain the situation for those of you who were looking deeper into what happened or that were concerned about what will happen to me. I got muted, that’s all really. It’s taken care of now.

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